The End of 2015

Today is the 30th of December so that means that tomorrow is the last day of 2015 - what an adventure this year has been! At the start of this year I would never imagined where I would be today; that is the beauty of life, it never goes how you imagined that it would. It is important to set goals and have plans for the year but it is also equally important to be content if things don't turn out how you originally planned. 

At the start of this year every aspect of my life was different to how it is now; I had just started working my first full time job as a secretary, my heart had just been broken, I had minimal interest in my health and diet and I was living a very repetitve life. And now I am living in Germany studying Deutsch and exploring everyday, I am very considerate of my diet and exercise each week and everyday holds new possibilities.

It is incredible the amount of difference that one year can make in your life and how much can change when you really want it too. At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to live a more exciting lifestlye full of adventure and free from routine; working a full time job didn't enable me to escpae routine and it began to make me feel very uncomfortable with my life and where I was. But I came through with my decision to live a life full of adventure - every weekend I found a new place to explore and I developed a new found love for bushwalking, every weekend finding a new walk to complete.

I also came to the realisation of how important it is to have hobbies or adopt a positive mindset - this came to me one day when I was speaking with a man in a bank. He asked me what I do over the weekends for fun, what my hobbies were. It was when I stood there dumb-founded about what is was that I enjoyed to do I knew that something in my life had to change. I realised that I was ALWAYS busy and doing something but I didn't know what it was that I truly enjoyed doing - but now I have discovered and developed that aspect of my life.

During this year I have completed over 30 different bush walks throughout a range of places in Queensland including; Tamborine Mountain, Springbrook National Park, Burleigh Heads, Logan, Daisy Hill, Mt Gravatt and Brisbane City. I have been to Byron Bay, Melbourne for three days, three Islands of Vanuata, New Caledonia, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Spicers Gap, Warwick, numerous road trips with close friends and my parents and endless trips to a range of different beaches and new restaurants. Following all of this I moved to Germany where I have made a habit of exploring a new area or doing something exciting everyday.

I thrive on feeling like I have made the most of my time and I feel a sense of regret when I don't have something to show for my days or my weekends, it makes me feel like I have wasted time.

Anyway back to reality; the past week has been great. We celebrated Christmas and although there was unfortunately no snow it was a very beautiful time. The main differences between Christmas in Germany and Australia would be the following:

1. The heat - Australia is in the first month of summer during Christmas time.

2. Presents- Germans make a habit to give highly thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

3. Opening gifts - We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve and also had our main dinner then.

4. Markets - During the entire month of December markets can be found in every suburb.

5. Food - For Christmas dinner we had Raqlette and a special type of Fondue. Very delicious!

Another exciting difference is that you can purchase FIREWORKS from every Supermarket and set them off on New Years Eve. For new years evening we will be celebrating but eating copious amounts of Tapas, drinking Bubbly and setting off fireworks come midnight - I am excited for the new experience but also sad because I won't be at home to enjoy it with my family.

Here's to more exciting times ahead for the last day of 2015 and an exciting beginning of 2016.

Bis bald - Kate. 

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