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Page 12 of 365. When you begin to think of each day as a page in the book of your life you begin to realise more and more each day just how strong your possibilities are in life. You are literally under no obligation to be the same person you were yesterday let alone the person you were 5 minutes ago. It is quite easy for you life to feel like a rut, it is even easier to do nothing about but something that is difficult is doing something to change it - but nothing ever worth having is given to you easily in life, you need to work for the parts of your life you want to change and to feel and experience things you have never experienced before, you need to do things you haven't done before in order to get there. It is important to understand how to be happy with your life how it is but to never be completely satisfied, never stop reaching for your dreams (this is also a note to self for the days when I am not feeling so positive and optimistic about life and feeling like I am in a bit of a rut. Aside from this, 


It is currently the 12th of January 2016 and we are already 12 days into the new year. While I have made a range of 'New Years Resolutions' which affect aspects of my life that I would like to change, I am a strong believer in making change as soon as you feel nessecary; you don't have to wait for a new year to have a new beginning and make changes in your life. This year my ultimate resolution is to develop my life in ways that makes everyday a new adventure, I want my life to always have new possibilites. That may sound a bit unrealistic and unacheiveable, but I want each day to be full of new knowledge, confidence, experiences and memories to cherish. 

Aside from this, another goal of mine is to make better use of the time I spend on the internet. I am often on the internet for some reason, usually just scrolling and reading endless updates on facebook. So for the past 12 days I have been making a conscious effort to not eliminate, but decrease my habit of this. Instead I have been doing much more meaningful things with my time. If I spend time on the internet, I spend a much shorter amount of time on facebook and the rest of the time is spent speaking with family and friends back home, researching new travel destinations I want to visit, interesting news articles and discovering new artists - I have been making a habit of expanding the music I listen too and I have found some really great new music. I love the fact that music has the ability to make me feel different emotions and often take me to a new place.

Another habit I have been building is reading; I have always enjoyed reading and I go through phases where I do a lot of reading and phases where I do none at all. Since the start of the year I have visited the library in Hanau and borrowed some interesting books and movies. I have read a novel by James Patterson called The 11th Hour and one by John Grisham called The Racketeer; both of them are very interesting and captivating with both authors having a very different writing style but equally great. This morning I started a new novel by Mary Higgins Clark called Daddy's Gone A-Hunting, so far so good. I adore the fact that reading different novels takes you to a different place and in a strange way you feel like you partially belong in the story. 

But I never settle, if I read a book that becomes boring after a few chapters I stop reading it. Never settle. If a book is boring, don't finish. Life is too short to devote your attention to anything that doesn't excite you, your heart and your brain. Find things in life that excite you. I think it is so important to do this, I believe the key to happiness is finding what captivates your heart. A true example can be found with reading a book that doesn't excite you. You will read a few pages and want to put it down, therefore it takes you what feels like a lifetime to finish. But when you find the right book, once you become hooked on the story you will want to sit there and read it until it finishes. What I am getting at is that is important to find what you are passionate about and devote your time to it. Work, education, love. If you aren't addicted, it will seem like a chore.

I have previously made the mistake of staying in a job that I wasn't passionate about, now looking back on that 11 months of my life I can't help but view it as a waste of time. Although I gained some great skills that I can take forward with me into the future, the time in general seems like a waste that I could have spent in a job that I was passionate about. Hence, from now on, I have made a promise to myself to find a job that I am passionate about. A job I would like to do for this year while I am in Germany and studying part time is being a English Tutor to school students - every student in Germany has to study English. Considering that I am fluent in English and I graduated from high school with good grades I think this would be a good path for me to take - a way of keeping busy inbetween travelling and studying.

Another important aspect of my life is focussing on my health and fitness; it is very important to maintain your health and fitness is also equally important for so many different reasons. Each day I have made a habit of atleast drinking two glasses of tea, my favourite at the moment is Camomile and after that is Green. It has many health benefits and it helps to keep warm in the cold weather of Germany in winter time. I make an attempt to work out at home 3 times a week and each of the other days includes a bike ride to school or a walk along the river. It is easy to make habits in your life that benefit your health and fitness levels.

Aside from all of this, I have made an avid attempt to always try something new and always try and say yes to each oppurtunity I am granted with. On the weekend that just passed, we woke up early Saturday morning to go on an adventure to the Farmers Markets in Hanau. The weather was a chilling-2 degrees and it was quite freezing. The markerts were full of fresh flowers, produce and heaps of fruits and vegetables. In the same day I went ice-skating with my uncle and my cousin. It was a lot of fun but it was very busy, I started off very skakey but I persevered and it became much easier. 

The rest of my time this month has been spent finalizing my documents for life in Germany - the grey areas that aren't much fun but have to be done - the process so far has been very confusing but i have learnt alot about it all. I might write a blog soon on the process of moving to another country. The main thing I have learnt is to maintain my patience, I am generally not a very patient person but this is changing everyday; the process of becoming established in another country isnt something that is completed over night. 

But its time to settle in for the night with re-runs of Sex and The City, hot chocolate and the sofa followed by copious amounts of homework .. 

Bis Bald - Kate 

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