The 11th Hour - James Patterson

"You see, one of the best things around reading is that you'l always have something to think about when you're not reading | James Patterson"

Upon the arrival to the new year I made a resolution to incorporate more reading into my everyday life. Prior to this decision I read every now and then but not enough to develop favourite authors, notice the differences between different writers and the styles they have and my favourite genres. To begin, I went to the library here in Hanau and borrowed a huge pile of books from the English section. While it was limited there was still a lot of appealing choices and I chose a range of different books. 

This blog post is my review of this great novel.

"There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books | James Patterson"

The first book that I read from this pile was called '11th Hour' by James Patterson. I know that I am personally obsessed with books related to crime and thrillers. I love that they have the ability to make me become obsessed; I love being so interested in a story that I can't put it down and when I do I can't stop thinking about it - What happens next? What does it all mean?

The '11th Hour' is the first book I have ever read from James Patterson, and following the reading of the book I read some reviews on it only to discover that it was the 11th in a series of books and that a majority of people had strong views against the book. First of all, the fact that the '11th Hour' was the 11th book in a series, it doesn't mean that you have to read them from the beginning. I read the entirety of this book without feeling like I was missing out on much information. And second of all, never read the book reviews before you read the book itself. A lot of people that review books are very harsh on the authors because they are comparing the novel with the previous one - the style in which a writer works is not set in stone, it has the ability to change over time. And that is okay.

Side note (completely irrelevant) - To find reviews on different books, to leave reviews and to keep track of books I have read I use the app called 'Goodreads', while it doesn't have the appeal of a great app, it is very practical and easy to use. You can add books to different shelves including 'Read' - 'Want to Read' and 'Currently Reading'. It is free to join and I recommend it to any reader.

Anyway, back on track. My personal opinion of the book is as follows:

From the end of the first chapter I was highly intrigued, I already knew that I was going to be interested in this book. First and foremost, I will write about the aspects of Patterson's writing style I enjoy the most. He keeps each chapter short yet captivating, each chapter being approximately 4 pages long. His writing style is very direct yet entertaining.

The story follows Lindsay Boxer, a pregnant and married detective. The book follows the story of two seperate crime scences; the first being the case of a Undercover cop being shot with the same weapon that mercilessly gunned down four major drug dealers and second she is called to the scene where two bodiless heads are found displayed with floral arrangements and cards with mysterious numbers in the garden of a famous celebrity believed to have killed his wife.

The story follows both of the cases as they struggle to piece together what happened in either of the cases. Simultaneously the killer of the drug dealers strikes again in more vicious attacks. The time to solve the cases in drawing thinner as they struggle to gather information.

Spoiler alert: One main criticism I have about the novel is the focus on the two seperate crimes. Throughout the whole novel I kept thinking strongly about how, and if, they are both connected and whether or not it would be revealed. But it didn'tand when it came close to the end I was hoping for some interesting twist that would tie the two crimes together, or for the killer to be someone who wasn't so obvious or someone whom you wouldn't expect to be the killer.

Overall the novel was very captivating and it was a great choice to get myself back into reading. The next novel I chose to read was by a well known author by the name of John Grisham. I have heard good reviews about John Grisham and I was yet to read something written by him - considering he specializes in Legal Thriller it seemed logical that this book be my next choice; the title is 'The Racketeer'. 

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