Visual Guide: Frankfurt, Germany 

Over the weekend I took a raw and solo trip to the centre of Frankfurt.  While I have been to Frankfurt numerous times before I haven't really explored in this way before. I didn't make any plans, I didn't have a list of places I wanted to see, I just took the train there and walked around and explored the city with no knowledge of what I was going to do. Frankfurt is the closest city to where I live in following my trip I now have different eyes on it. Most people here of Frankfurt and set it aside because it is location of the European Central Bank. But, aside from the unique skyline this city also offers many picturesque aspects and many sights that are a must to see when in Frankfurt. The following pictures include only a fraction of the beauty that can be found in the lively and charismatic city of Frankfurt am Main. 

Outside the Historisches Musuem | Culture, art and history

Looking up at the incredible Frankfurt Cathedral

Walking across the Eiserner Steg 

Spent some time shopping in the 'Zeil' / Shopping central

Typical German architecture  

Dom Romer / Iconic location of the annual Christmas markets 

Looking towards the 'Historiches Museum' from the Bridge. 

Iconic Frankfurt Skyscrapers | 'Mainhattan' 

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