Visual Guide: Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague! First I would like to say what an absolutely amazing city this is; from the moment I arrived I was in love with the architecture, the views and the unique landscapes. I began my time in Prague at the Prague Castle which, unbelievably, is understood to have been built in 880. The details of the Caslte and the surrounding buildings is literally unexplainable, it must been seen to be understood. As with any picture that is taken it doesn't show how beautiful it is in real life, but through my pictures I hope you gain an understanding of just how beautiful this city is. One of the highlights of my time there was my visit to the Astronomical Clock (which is pictured to the right) - the view from the top was simply amazing and the city looks equally amazing from above. The side streets are filled with beautiful cafes and endless amounts of shops - to get a taste of the traditional food I would recommend a visit to the markets to pick up some fresh, local food. Overall, Prague is a must-see European city.

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