My name is Kate McLennan and I am a 19 year old currently living in Hanau, Germany with some of my German family. I moved here in late November 2015 all the way from Brisbane, Australia in a spontaneous attempt to 'discover' who I really am as a person and find out what I really want from life, my passions and my future plans.


While I was having a great year full of excitement, adventures and spontaneous trips something just wasn't quite right in my life. The job I was working wasn't going anywhere and I needed to discover what it is that I wanted from life. So I decided to take the jump and leave for Germany in November. I decided on this around June - One day it just hit me and I knew that something had to change. So I started researching everything, I became obsessed with knowing everything I needed to know about my move. I had made elaborate decisions like this in the past so I doubted my ability to go through with it and I think a lot of other people doubted me as well, until the day came where I booked my ONE WAY TICKET TO FRANKFURT, GERMANY.

'To decide to make a change is the simple part, what you do about achieving this change is what's critical to your success | Kate McLennan'

I departed from Brisbane on the 25th November, 2015. The day I left I felt a change within my self that I can't quite explain, I felt a level of maturity that I hadn't yet felt. The level of change has since slowed but each day that passes I can feel myself slowly transforming into a different, better person then I was before.

I created this website and my instragram account to follow the changes in my life, to recount my weekly thoughts and to document my new adventures to different locations across the world. There is nothing I love more then packing adventure and change into my daily lifestyle, so that is my ultimate goal throughout the course of my life.