I am currently in Hanau, Germany with my family. I spend my days learning Germany and Spanish, studying to become a TEFL teacher, reading, photography and planning new adventures. Being located in Germany is such a great position because it is central to so many fantastic European locations. 


Since my first trip to Europe in 2014 I have been to around 17 countries so my next goal is to travel and experience a country in more detail and develop a stronger sence of the culture, the food, the language, the people, general way of life and the way that the country functions. Over the past couple of months, alongside studying, I have been to the following German cities: 


- Idstein

- Hanau 

- Frankfurt 

- Obberad 

- Maintal 

- Nuremberg 

- Wurzburg

- Heidelberg 

- Offenbach 

- Muhlheim am Main 

- Glauberg 

- Schoneck 

- Heusenstamm

- Steinheim


The next locations I have in mind over the coming months include: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Warsaw, Luxembourg, Metz, Strausborg to name a few.